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Arizona Industrial

I was looking through communities and I noticed there wasn't one for industrial in Arizona. Now I'm not talking about goth, because there's one for that.. azgoths. Along with others of that sort.
This community is for industrial/electro/noise/ebm etc in Arizona[or those interested in industrial in general from AZ].. anything which is industrial or an extension of. I figured 'industrial' would be the most broad term to use for all of it.

Please keep entries on topic..

[x] Feel free to post promotions for your band/project/shows.. Or even events coming through AZ.
[x] Please don't spam. Keep the entries looking nice, if a LJ cut is needed please do it!
[x]Images- banners: bigger than a typical banner[480x60] behind a cut. Flyers: are okay, please don't post obnoxiously large flyers though. argh! And if you're posting pictures: if its more than one picture please put them under a cut.
[x] You can post playlists, but they must be from an AZ event, and they must be under a LJ cut.
[x] flaming will NOT be tollerated. Please be respectful to other members. I will ban if I have to.

THIS IS FOR INDUSTRIAL MUSIC. If you are confused as to what this actually is, please reffer to the interests, or ask someone.. If you have questions or would like suggestions I'm fine with that.
I don't want anyone to feel like they aren't wanted, if you have a question go ahead and ask.. Just look through the entries/interests before hand.

I DO NOT want to see a bunch of metal bands posting in here, because thats not what this is about.
This is NOT the place to be posting about your metal/goth band. Please use appropiate communities for that.

I would just really like the rivithead community in Arizona to get to know eachother and stay connected, so the scene here can grow.
Happy posting!

your mod=plastic_glitter

CLUB LISTING in arizona:

Asylum Nightclub[link]
Asylum nights:
tuesday - REAKTOR [industrial/ebm/oldschool/noize]
wednesday - Electro Groove[synthpop/electronica/Futurepop]
thursday - Awakening [Brit-pop/Indie/trip-hop]
friday - Razor 80s[New Wave/80s/Retro]
saturday - Club Asylum [Industrial/ebm/electro/synthpop/noize]

VEX* *a shun[link]
Black Coffee[link]
Club Hell[link]

Want your club listed?
mail me.